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On their Birthdays hobbits actually give out presents, which means that you get presents through out the year rather than just one day and why is this not a thing.

Marriage is a punishment for shop-lifting in some countries
Wayne’s World- Pretty much sums up my thoughts on marriage
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Anonymous asked: What kind of shoes do you wear I can't imagine you wearing shoes yo

I don’t wear shoes because I am a hobbit. And my feet are like the size of my head so I have no need for puny human leather and cloth. Having said this I am also a man sized hobbit, I’m like a hybrid hobbit. But your assumptions are therefore correct.

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But those with shattered souls find it very difficult to speak.
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thanks to Arctic Monkeys France
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thanks to Arctic Monkeys France

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 ARCTIC MONKEYS : minimalist song posters - part 4 

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my love
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